My Blog Cabin in the Woods

The DoorwayWrite down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable. (Francis Bacon)

Perhaps that’s not the best line to promote one’s blog with???

What’s a “blog cabin” you ask???

It’s a play on words, otherwise known as a pun. To spell it out: log cabin in the woods compared to blog cabin in the woods. OK, enough of the lesson on puns.

Don’t forget to sign my new and improved guestmap If you signed on the old guestmap, you’ll need to re-sign (i.e. sign again) if you wish to be on the new map. The new guestmap is based on Google Maps, so you can get a good zoom on where you are from (particularly helpful in those small New England states 🙂 ). You can also view in Satellite or Hybrid (a satellite view with map overlay). The default view is Map, to the delight of my slow dial-up readers (myself included 🙂 )**

The Folks at Platial have teamed up with WordPress on a really cool toy here!

Thanks to the Word Press Forums, I have figured out how to set a home page other than the blog. Just click “Blog” to view new entries. I even found out how to get rid of the redundant link that I’ve had!

**By “slow dial-up readers,” I am not implying that my readers using dial-up are themselves slow, but rather that the dial-up connection itself is slow.
Page updated 2-20-07


  1. I like the new look Scott!

  2. Glad you like it! Went perusing the WP themes last night and liked the idea of having my multiple widgets across two sidebars instead of one; would have like the custom header, but I can change the color scheme; which reminds me that I need to update this page….

  3. Love the new look!

  4. I think it is time to talk about the political appointment to fill the seat of Senator Thomas….

    comment relocated by Scott to Speculation Abounds

  5. I second those comments, definitely an awesome look to the site.

  6. Thanks TT! Ironically, each of the above complements about the theme/layout is for a different theme:

    Chris Leavell’s comment: Theme: Andreas09
    Neil’s Comment: Theme: Fjords04
    Your Comment: Theme: Ocean Mist

  7. Actually I like the whole play on words – Blog Cabin.

  8. Scott, Enjoyed reading your blog on Vacation Bible School. I’m a Youth Pastor in Colorado and know first hand what you’re talking about. Was interested in your “VBS Military” theme. If you could give me some info about it, I’d appreciate it. Our church is looking at doing a military theme next year for VBS and could use some ideas. Thanks Scott!

  9. This is a great local blog, especially concerning local politics. We actually have a lot of great content free to the public if you ever need content for your site. Check us out!

    –Matthew from the local desk at

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