Posted by: Scott | Saturday, October 1, 2005

Welcome! (October)

So, here I am in this small town called Cody, WY. Fall is setting in, the tourists have left (thanks if you’re one that came and visited!), gas is still the highest in the region, but next spring there will be another station to compete, and my blog is not quite a month old. I think I pretty much have it looking like I want it to, now I just have to write some stuff more often than I did in September and about more than a new RSS feed being added. 🙂

Am I a cowboy? Not in the truest sense of the term. I do dress western, particularly for church and special occasions, but there are plenty of locals that will tell you I am not a cowboy, and I will agree with them.

Visitors or subscribers may post comments (required e-mail address will not be posted to your comment). If you want to post, please keep your post clean (no vulgarity, obscenities, etc….) and respectful. I do reserve the right to delete posts if necessary (not that I desire to). Joining lets you get into the currently empty secure part of the site and you might even get to write an article or two if you ask real nice.

Be watching for new posts, and new articles; subscribe if you like. Whatever you do, continue to be patient with me as I continue to try to figure this out.


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