Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The pri¢e of ga$

I know what you’re thinking. Why did he take a picture of a gas station a year or two ago? Actually, I took this Monday evening, Oct. 10, 2005. Really, I did.

So now you’re thinking, what program did he use to edit this picture? Everyone knows you can’t get gas for $1.53/gal. $1.67/gal. is even unheard of these days. There are no fancy edits to this picture, unlike the one in Whirlwind Trip: Part 3. What you see can be really be seen.

Just go to the town of Powell, WY. It is a college-town about 20 miles northeast of Cody, WY. When you get into Powell (from Cody), you will see this station shortly after Blair’s grocery store/gas station, and directly across the road from the Shell gas station (all on the left).

Now gas is cheaper in Powell than in Cody (even the one station in the booming map-dot of Ralston, WY–population 100–has cheaper gas than Cody). Once a week I drive by this station and I have to fight my wallet for control of the steering wheel. My wallet says “Turn left here!” while my mind says “Good luck filling up there!” Sadly, this station is closed, but they didn’t take down the numbers when they closed.

Does this article have a purpose beyond the depressingly humorous picture? Yes. I want to point you to a site that you might be interested in, There, you can click
on your state and go to a site to find what gas prices are in your state, sometimes even in your city. To make life easier, go to [your state here] where [your state here]=your state spelled out (e.g.

Users and visitors can easily post gas prices they see, and where they see them. Posted prices are based on the low grade price (in WY, that is 85 octane). You can also self-inflict depression by looking at the history charts of the national and state averages this time last year.


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