Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wyoming Winter Weather Awareness Day

No Joke, the title for today’s article is today, Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2005 as declared by the WY Dept. of Homeland Security. Kinda goes hand in hand with International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction (I believe that was a UN mandate), which makes you want to celebrate International Moment of Frustration Scream Day (what a coincidence, it’s on the same day!).

I mean, come on, they are called natural disasters for a reason, they are natural, well, natural in a sin-cursed world. When creation was new, there were no natural disasters. Somehow, I don’t think that the UN is going in that direction though. How are we as humans going to reduce them? Give up our SUV’s, any vehicle powered by gasoline really.

Anyway, back to Wyoming Winter Weather Awareness Day. To commemorate this special day, there is going to be a blizzard warning broadcast on the Emergency Broadcast System. After about a half hour, an all clear will be broadcast. Keep in mind, it’s only a test.

Be aware, Wyoming Winter Weather exists (maybe that’s what the “www” in internet speak stands for? 🙂


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