Posted by: Scott | Thursday, October 27, 2005

“Where ya’ been?!?!?!?”

If you’ve found yourself imaging directing this question to me in the past few days (or perhaps not, but were getting close to doing so), here is the answer. I know, the much anticipated week in review didn’t show up. Yes, I had a week, but it was a little busier than anticipated.

Perhaps you have noticed something new to the blog like readable font sizes without doing a ctrl++ (for my Firefox readers). That is because I have delved into the world of HTML code and finally found the trick to increasing font sizes, changing font colors, adding backgrounds and so on. Take a look at my pages to see a sample of what I’ve learned to do! If you would like to learn how do utilize these codes for your website and/or blog, pay a visit to yesterday’s Absolutely Completely Random Link,

I am also in the works of helping to get another website up and running (part of the reason I am “crash coursing” HTML code). I will reveal more information about that when it is. Granted, I could give you the address right now and you could go there, but right now the only thing you would see is the “under construction” page with a message to come back again soon. Soooo, for dramatic effect, I will let you wonder what website it is. Be watching for the announcement!


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