Posted by: Scott | Sunday, November 20, 2005

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Thanksgiving….

…Or is it? I vaguely remember the day when Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving and Christmas was something that was seldom mentioned before the fourth Thursday in November. Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas, but I also love Thanksgiving.

I have worked retail for over two years now, and now I really miss Thanksgiving. Why? Because Before October is even over, Christmas merchandise starts rolling in. I’m not talking just about the “hot item” gifts, I’m talking about artificial trees, bulbs, lights, the light-up outdoor decorations, etc… Shortly thereafter, all that merchandise has found it’s way to the sales floor. But what about Thanksgiving?!?!?!?!?

It was quite a surprise a week or two ago to see that some fellow workers from another shift had taken up decorating the break room for Thanksgiving. Last night at work, I noticed the semi-local major paper had run an article on the front page of its Life section: You know it’s Thanksgiving when…

The last leaves have fallen. The Halloween jack-o’-lantern is history. Days are shorter and nights longer. You get a hankering for turkey and cranberry sauce.

Those are a few unmistakable signs that Thanksgiving is on the way.

We asked several people to describe what tips them off to the approach of Thanksgiving.

One of the people the Billings Gazette asked was Mark Barth, owner of Magic City Floral:

Fall decorations that include cornucopia, garlands, stalks of wheat, leaves and rust, brown and orange flowers.

One of the less-pleasing signs of Thanksgiving these days is the encroachment of the Christmas shopping season into the family-oriented day set aside to give thanks, he said.

If you haven’t already guessed, I strongly second that thought! I now know that if I want to buy a really nice flower arrangementwhile in Billings where to buy it (provided I had the money to do so! πŸ™‚ ).

I figured I would post the same question to my readers this week, what is a sure sign of Thanksgiving to you (outside of the hyper-commercialization of Christmas). This can be anything that makes Thanksgiving what it is for you. I won’t criticize you for even saying what your thankful for, nor will your post be removed if you wish everyone else a Happy Thanksgiving.

Lest I be criticized for posting without giving my own thoughts on the matter, here you go: Thanksgiving consists a lot of the traditional things we (“we” as in people other than myself but including myself) associate with the holiday: Macy’s parade, turkey dinner, perhaps a football game and time with family and/or friends. But it doesn’t end there. I do enjoy thinking upon the things God has done in me, through me, and for me; how He’s provided for various needs and even taken care of situations before I knew of the issue.

Some people, places, and things I’m thankful for include:
**Family (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins)
**Friends (church, Bible study, co-workers, other [quite a group that can be further sub-divided] )
**Salvation in Christ alone
**The great country I live in (just think if the turkey was our national bird, would we be eating Thanksgiving eagles this week?)
**All the men and women sacrificing to keep her that way, from the battlefront in Iraq to the state patrolman that causes you to glance at your spedometer (even when you are set just below speed limit on cruise control)

Thanks for reading. Please do comment and remember, it doesn’t have to be the fourth Thursday in November to say “Thank you for what ya’ done!”



  1. Okay so it’s not Thanksgiving… but I just read this post today, and noticed you didn’t have any comments on it yet. I know one thing I am thankful for is comments! πŸ™‚
    I third that thought that Thanksgiving is being over-run by the world’s commercializing of Christmas. Outside of Christian circles (or Plymouth, MA) it becomes increasingly difficult to find any signs that it is once again a special time of Thanksgiving. Not to mention how unthankful people are the rest of the year.
    May we as believers be different. May we show our gratitude all year long, not just one day a year. May we focus on the real reason for celebrating these holidays. May we be testimonies of what God has and will do in a life, why He came to earth, how that makes a difference to mankind.
    There are so many things to be thankful for–but most of all, let us be thankful for the work of our own Heavenly Father.
    “For He is all.”

  2. Post (after)-Thanksgiving posts (comments, entries)are certainly welcome too! This may have been one of those articles that never made it to the “public viewing area” (until I moved here). For some reason, I could still access the old server though, so I just had to copy-n-paste it over, another thing I’m thankful for!

    I too, am thankful for comments, and I’m also thankful for the thousands that can still read me (should they so desire)after my second move in less than a month! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the great thoughts!

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