Posted by: Scott | Saturday, December 3, 2005


Just when I was getting used to WordPress, decides to no longer use it. Not only that, they decided to kill my blog, my account and the little bit of work that I was just getting into my (at the time) new blog. Soooo, I found Here I am, starting over again for the first time.

In the days and weeks to come, I hope to have the November blog transfered over. Until then, I will go on posting new stuff. I have some pictures of my Christmas tree and decorations. I will probably include a listing of my favorite Christmas movies, and did I mention that it is cold here in Cody, WY? Yesterday, I checked my ForecastFox (powered by AccuWeather). At 8 AM (MST) it was 5* F! The Real-Feel temperature (temp calculated with other factors such as humidity, barometer, climate, wind, sun position/cloudiness, and assuming you are properly dressed) was -20* F!


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