Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Home for the Holidays

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Children’s Action Network are pleased to present the seventh annual “A Home for the Holidays” television special on CBS December 21 at 8 p.m. EST/PST (7 p.m. MST/CST)… Since it began in 1999, thousands of viewers have called because they were moved to action after hearing true stories of families who adopted and the children who wait for someone to love them.

You all probably know I’m not too big on the expression “holidays,” overtaking Christmas, and CBS isn’t the top of my favorite networks list, but I am big on adoption. Tonight, the 7th annual A Home for the Holidays will be presented by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Children’s Action Network. I know, for many (myself included) this is right in the middle of church. That’s why they invented VCR’s. I have to admit to not knowing who the entertainers are, but they are not my motivation for watching/recording the program. For more information and other helpful adoption links, visit the website here.

Adoption is a wonderful picture of a Christian’s salvation in Christ. The verses I have linked to have been precious to me over the past several years as I have come to question “right to choose” more and more.

I have always known (as far back as I can remember anyway) that I was adopted. I may not have fully understood it when I was 4 and 5 years old. Back then, I just knew I was special because I was adopted (whatever that was 🙂 ). Later on (probably around 7-10 years old) I began to understand I was born to someone other than Mom and Dad. In my mid-teens, I found out who my biological mother was and that I knew her all along, as her nephew. It was about 10 or 11 years ago this week that I first “met” my biological mother. Sure, it was a tough adjustment, not only having an aunt, but a mother in the same person.

In fact, that entire side of the family (Dad’s side) began to grow more special that year: Two grandparents (one since deceased), five aunts (plus one deceased), one uncle, and six cousins that were all biologically related. They all accept me for who I am, I think. 🙂 And there is the other side of the family (Mom’s side) : two grandparents, one aunt and uncle, and four cousins that have always considered me one of the family, and they are just as special to me.

It has been a great blessing to have the family I have. Those that are able, will you consider adoption? Uncertain mothers, will you look to adoption in lieu of abortion? Many times adoption to a loving mother and father is the best love you can show your child. There are so many resources out there, many of them on the Baptists for Life links page.


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