Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

I recently wrote an open letter on The Western Connection regarding the movie Brokeback Mountain. I had made a couple of other prior posts on the issue, which apparently didn’t set too well with an unknown reader who subsequently replied to the position I was taking.

In a sense I was glad that the reply was made. It forced me to be a little more specific in what I was saying. At the same time, I could have gone without the perceived tone that the reply was made in. I say perceived because it is hard to hear that which is written. However, sentence structure can lend a hand (or an ear) in providing a vocal tone.

You can dive into the thread here. Page three is where I started in. Below is my most recent reply.

Dear “guest” (and everyone else):

Yes, like you, I have my beliefs. They may differ slightly from yours or they may differ greatly from yours. Nevertheless, I have them.

Before I go on, I will be citing a number of articles. I do so because they provide some additional thought to what I am trying to communicate. My one request is that if you read any of the linked articles, you read them in their entirety. On some of them, this will require some time, but the read is well worth it (otherwise, I wouldn’t have linked to them). Also, I have not called anyone any names, and I would appreciate the same respect.

I have a belief in absolute morals. Why? Because the Bible is the Word of God (regardless if you believe it or not). Did human beings write down the actual words? Yes, they did, under the direction of God’s Holy Spirit. Do I understand how 40 or so humans could write over a 1600 year period and not contradict each other? In my human, finite-understanding mind, no. However, I accept it by faith.

Homosexuality is a moral issue. Yes, people who practice that lifestyle exist, and yes, it is by their choice. However, it doesn’t make the choice right. I am not saying that homosexuals are the only immoral ones out there. There are plenty of heterosexuals that are immorally involved with each other.

I am not attempting to say that I am better than everyone else. I have already said that I have had and do have struggles with the flesh. To clarify, “flesh,” in this context, means sin nature. Why do I have these struggles? I was born a human being 😯 and as evidenced by the nearly 26 years of my life after birth and according to the Bible, I am not perfect, and until I get to Heaven, I won’t be. There will always be some short-coming in my actions. But until that great day, I go on through my life asking God to help get me through. I am not attempting to sound like a fool here (though to many of you, I probably do). However, I am attempting to be honest.

I have again been accused of being insecure, this time directly as opposed to indirectly. I was not aware that publicly saying “I believe this” (where “this” equals whatever is being discussed and/or debated) was a trait of insecurity. As far as I can reason, and have seemed to observe, taking a stand for one’s beliefs–esp. in our modern “let’s all just get along” culture–takes a certain deal of courage. Some issues (like this one) will require more courage than others. Am I saying those that haven’t “spoken their piece” on this thread are weak-kneed and lacking in bravery? Lest I be accused of labeling a number of folks as cowardly, not in the slightest.

Finally, regarding Adam, Eve, and their children:

(Carl) Sagan cleverly used common questions—such as ‘Who was Cain’s wife?’—questions that are often directed at Christians in an attempt to prove the Bible cannot be defended.

Sadly, most Christians probably could not answer these questions! And yet, there are answers*.
*emphasis added

Because [Answers in Genesis] can say it a lot better than I can, please, take some time to read this article. Do not jump through it. You have to get fairly deep into the article to find out about the mystery of Cain’s wife. However, if you only scroll to that part, then read only that part, you will miss the foundation of why the answer given is legitimate.

I know, I have written a rather lengthy post here, and I have cited lengthy articles. I did so because I wanted to be thorough and I wanted to be as clear as possible. Hopefully, you read it as such.


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