Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Ray Hunkins making a run for the boarder (Cheyenne, that is)

A lot of you are saying, “Huh???” OK, Cheyenne is Wyoming’s state capital. It is located a mere seven miles north of the Colorado state line. Need I explain what “making a run for the boarder” means? I do? OK, yes, I am making a play off of a 1980’s era Taco Bell commercial. No, I’m not saying Mr. Hunkins is planning to eat at Taco Bell in Cheyenne, WY. Instead, take a read at this (1-26-06) article from the Casper Star-Tribune.

I do apologize for the late posting. But if the New York Times can do it, anybody can! 😀 In all honesty, I did read the Sunday (Feb. 5) CST and the lead article mentioned Ray Hunkins, but from the sound of things, he had not yet announced.

In 2002 I voted for Ray Hunkins (in the primary election) because of his common-sense conservatism. But he lost. I am glad to see that he is running again, and if he’s the same Ray Hunkins I voted for in 2002, he’ll likely get my vote again this August. Will find out more information in March.


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