Posted by: Scott | Friday, February 10, 2006

“Bad reception,” new links, returning links, and other stuff

Howdy from chilly Cody, WY! Yes, a massive cold front came in from Canada via Montana and the temps are winter-like once again. Today’s high is supposed to be 25! Almost a heat wave compared to the 7 that it was this morning and is supposed to be tonight!

Anyway, it has come to my attention that there are about 5,000 or so of you in Greenville, SC, that are unable to read my blog (as well as Chris Anderson’s blog). I have alerted Pastor Chris to this unfortunate event. Please note that we both understand your sorrow and we trust that the situation will soon be resolved. Not like those of you in Greenville can read this at the moment, but I will forward it to the one who informed me of this terrible event with posting permission so that you can read it.

Be sure to check out my links page. It has been updated! There were some links that, to the shame of me, I forgot to list when I moved to At lunch this morning (yes, I said this morning; for those of you that are new, I work overnights), I was reminded of this. Soooo, welcome back to the links page to the following: The Seidler family and Bob Griffen! Also, a “New York Times” welcome to the links page to Chris Anderson of Tri-County Bible Church. I also recently brought back to the links page the Circuit Riders (really sad that I forgot them as their webmaster).

Speaking of the Circuit Riders, they are going to be on Comfort Food Radio tomorrow morning at 9 AM. Comfort Food is Wyoming’s (and quite possibly the West’s) only live music/comedy variety radio show. What is neat about this is that you can either be part of the live audience at Cody’s historc Irma Hotel or you can listen to it live on KODI 1400 AM or KZMQ 1140 AM. If neither of these options are convenient for you, you can go to Comfort Food’s archive page and listen to the show there. I’ll let you know when they get the show online.

I have also answered the question that I just know was waiting to be asked “What does it mean to “pull a New York Times?” Go to the FAQ’s/NSFAQ’s page and scroll all the way to the bottom, where I have made a comment.
The Winter Olympics start tonight on the NBC networks. Go USA! (yup, another proud American).

Until next time, hold your head up and keep your powder dry.



  1. Howdy, Scott.

    As you said, I feel bad for the multitudes of young minds at BJ that are missing out on our…er…”wisdom.” I’m sure they’re devestated. Morale on campus is probably at an all-time low.

    I would encourage those who are still able to read this NOT TO RESPOND WITH VIOLENCE! Let cooler heads prevail. We’ll see what we can do.

    Dark, sad days in Greenville, I know.

  2. Good admonition.

    For those that are unable to read us bloggers, The Capabayan has posted this entry on her blog.

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