Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today’s thoughts

I heard on TV this morning that Valentines Day is the least favorite day of single men (97% of us think so). Thanks for reminding me! I almost forgot after 365 days how much I don’t like Valentines Day. True, many will say that I should consider myself fortuneate that I get to save $$$$ and ¢¢¢¢, but there is that longing to say to “whomever she is,” “Happy Valentines Day. Please accept these artificial flowers as an expression of my undying love.” (Granted, the married men don’t like Feb 14th much more).

Other points of interest:

  • The Circuit Riders were on Comfort Food Radio this past Saturday. You can listen to the show here. You can even download the show (just right click the  link and select “Save Link As…”) Dial-up users, please keep in mind the show is an hour long and the file is large. Though the download may take some time to complete, the wait is worth it (or you can do as I did and talk to your friend that has DSL).
  • Gov. Dave Feudenthal (D-WY) delivered the annual State of the State address yesterday. I am currently composing my thoughts and will have them posted here when they are completed.
  • Winter has returned to Wyoming, complete with cold temperatures (even for the high), dustings of snow, blowing of wind–oh, wait. We always have blowing of wind!

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