Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How do they do that???

Last night I had the pleasure of working the end of the shift in frozen foods. It was cold! Fortunately, I had worn a sweatshirt and the company provides a hooded coat and gloves when working in a chilled or frozen area. However, even when bundeled up in the cold-area attire, I had only one thought: BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! And it was this that got me to thinking last night (this morning): How do they do that????

OK, let me give you some additional context. As you should now, the Winter Olympics are in progress. The past few nights have been occupied with the ice skating events (speed-skating, figure skating, and ice dancing). Speed skating is not all that bad to watch, although I cringe when one of the skaters takes a fall. But at least they are all clothed. Concerning the figure skating and ice dancing, I can only watch so much. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of talent and practice goes into these events as well, it’s just the outfits these days. I still cringe when the skaters take falls (seems to be a common part of the routines these days). But those outfits… do they do that????

Various news programs have already commentated on the outfits, particularly this year’s assortment, but they seeem to be talking the fashion side of things. So, I will attempt to fill in my own opinion.

I’m not a fashion expert, but I’ll make a rare side with the media in that a number of the outfits do seem to be lacking in fashion.  But what about practicality, and dare I say it, modesty?

I can see the comments coming now, so please, read me out. I have already said that I don’t watch that much of it. Regarding the modesty, I can remember when the women’s outfits covered half of their thighs, all the way up to their necks. That is obviously not the case now, many going in the direction of back-less and the front isn’t all that much better. And the skirts, well, those speak for themselves being a far cry from the days of half-thigh coverage. I know there are probably some that will get heated about this. Please, don’t think me to be cold. However, without this, the remainder of the thought looses its flavor. Let’s avoid another misinterpretation and state that I’m not one that advocates the thought/mandate of only dresses/skirts for women (i.e. no pants for women).
OK, practicality (a much easier and less controversial subject). Now, every time that I’ve gone ice skating, I’ve dressed to be warm and/or comfortable in the event of a fall involving me. I know, speed is part of the routine in the competitions, so I’m not advocating big ol’ down coats and such, however, when I see the competitors going out on the ice wearing what they aren’t, I can’t help but think, how do they do that??? How do they go out there in the arena, cold enough to have a good sheet of ice on the floor, and then skate quickly through all that cold air and not walk away with frost bite (in the context of wearing what is not being worn)? Furthermore, when they take a fall, I wonder, how do they do that??? Not how do they fall, but how do they fall, land on the ice (that is, frozen water), then get back up as if nothing happened? It would seem to me, that the ice would be quite cold in the context of going light on faberic.

My point? Well, the next time a severe cold front comes to your area, be thankful that you’re not an Olypmic figure skater!


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