Posted by: Scott | Thursday, February 23, 2006

Family Matters

I am pleased to report some very exciting news: I have come up with names for my first three children (pending spousal approval and a spouse). Ladies, please note–if you are reading this, and one day you become my beloved bride (even though as of this writing we might not realize that you are “the one”), this was written after a long night’s work. Furthermore, there is some tension at work and one way I have gotten through it is to humor myself.

  • First daughter: Crystal Ginger The inspiration for this name: the crystallized ginger on the spice rack in aisle 10
  • Second daughter: Rose Mary I came up with this one after contemplating the thought of a daughter reaching her upper teen years. Then she gets her first boyfriend. Then, sadly, she gets her first “ex-boyfriend,” resulting in being “crushed.” Ya’, that one was on the spice rack too (crushed rosemary).
  • A son: Believe it or not, after I tentatively named my second daughter, I began to get rather depressed, partly due to the fact that was still on “the quest,” and partly due to the fact that there were no “boy spices.” I was much relieved when one of my co-workers mentioned sage after I told her about Rose Mary. So there you go, first son will (tentatively) be named Sage

You may be asking, Why pre-emptively name your kids when you still don’t know who you are getting married to (or if you are even getting married)??? Well, when you are like me and you reach your mid-20’s, still a bachelor, Mom’s words of wisdom start to sink in. For instance, plan ahead. Now remember, these name selections are subject to spousal approval (and a spouse) and I’m completely submitted to that thought line. I even went in to this “planning stage” with that thought in mind.



  1. I shudder to think what you might have come up with if you’d gotten off the spice isle!

  2. Thanks for dropping by! There is plenty of variety in the spice aisle (actually, a small portion [length-wise] of the baking aisle). One non-spice name that comes to mind is “Muffin,” but that would be for our pet poodle. However, it should be clarified that we won’t be having a “pet poodle.” If we are going to have a dog, it’s at least going to be big enough to be a dog (though small enough to not be a wolf)!

  3. Hey, you’re talking to a person who named her only daughter Ginger. Spices make GREAT names. Besides, I got to threaten her that naughty little girls ended up a Ground Ginger in the grocery store! LOL It worked until she was about 5!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Check back often, you never know what will appear On the Idar.

  4. A friend wondered if I was trying to get my yet-to-be-existent daughters into the Spice Girls. Answer: No. This same friend also suggested a name for another son: Herb.

  5. Yet another son: Cory Andrew (Coriander)

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