Posted by: Scott | Friday, February 24, 2006

How did you hear about Political Cowboy?

I know there’s a number of you that found me from Sharper Iron. However, there is another number of you that I have no idea how you heard about my blog. Whether you stummbled in from a Google or Technorati search, or you saw a comment I made on another blog, let me know by commenting here!



  1. I literally stumbled onto your blog using the ‘Next Blog’ button.
    And I thank you for the link from your page.

  2. Hi Scott,
    I don’t remember. I think it was from Sharper Iron.

  3. I was trying to find Ray Hunkin’s website. I did a google search and there you were.

  4. On The Idar: You’re welcome; thanks for stumbling in (I suppose I should also thank WordPress for randomly choosing me to be next! 😀 )

    Chris: I think it was SharperIron; that or I found your blog on SI and commented then you found me there or something… (of course on this particular blog locale, I think I notified you)

    GOPPOKE: Great screen-name! Ray Hunkins has been a popular search term directing people here. I’ll be posting the link when I find out where the site is (so far doesn’t have it.

  5. Well I roomed with the PC for a year. I found his corner of cyberspace courtesy of an Upper Leavell link. Until next time.

  6. Thanks for stopping by! And kudos to “the Upper Leavell” as the top referrer for today!

  7. I was looking up Ray Hunkin. Gov Dave Freudenthal just walked by my desk I hope he didn’t see me typing this

  8. Don’t worry; I won’t forward your comment to the Governor (though I might forward it to the WY Sec’y of State as well as my favorite gubernatorial candidate, Ray Hunkins! 🙂 )

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