Posted by: Scott | Thursday, March 2, 2006

In memory of Dr. Bushey

I brought up on Sharper Iron the other day that Dr. Stan Bushey had passed away. He will be missed by many, including myself. I have been trying to recall all the classes I took from him. They are quite a bit in number (in no particular order):

  • Hermeneutics
  • Theology
  • Biblical counseling
  • Acts
  • Family & marriage
  • Isaiah
  • Major Cults
  • Pentateuch
  • Old Testament Historical Books
  • Old Testament Poetry
  • Psychology

There's quite a few classes there, and that's just a day's worth or thinking about it (without looking for my records)! He also had many opportunities to preach in chapel and even a time or two in church. He was very knowledgeable in Old Testament theological matters, and was a godly example to follow. I look forward to seeing him again.



  1. I had several classes with Dr. Bushey but it was the out of class times with him that had the most impact on me. Every one that had him as a teacher had a great deal of respect for him. I was not the greatest student in the world but that never changed his relationship with me. I did learn a lot from his classes even though my grades did not reflect it. 🙂 We will miss him. I too look forward to meeting him again. What a day that will be!

  2. Chris, your comment reflects exactly what I was thinking after I signed off yesterday. Everything you said, (out of class times, student body respect, learned in spite of grades [especially that one! 🙂 ] ) made a perfect post-script to my original post.

  3. Yea… I heard he passed away… and i cant make it to the funeral… sigh.

  4. I was looking at the online sermon page for Tri-City Baptist Church and noticed a break in a series that Pastor mike is going through. I looked at the info on it and it is from the memorial service on Mar. 5. The sermon can be found here

  5. Thanks Scott for the link. I just finished listening to it. I sure wish I could have been there for the memorial service.
    It would have been worth the drive.


  6. Thanks for the links. I spent much time under the teaching of Dr. Bushey and considered him a real friend and blessing. In 1994, I stayed at the Bushey's home while visiting Tempe and the FBC National annual convention. I wish I had known about the funeral and memorial service for I would have liked to attend…Thanks
    Derek Jung, Pastor FGBC, San Leandro California

  7. Pastor Jung: Thank you for stopping by. Good to hear from another student of Dr. Bushey’s. I too, wish I could’ve been there for the service.

    I forgot about the Sharper Iron link (now removed) going to a pre-crash posting that is no longer there. 😦 For those who are curious, it went to the letter that Pastor Sproul forwarded. Unfortunately, I lost that when my e-mail program crashed a couple months ago. 😦

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