Posted by: Scott | Thursday, March 2, 2006

Of cartoons and their voices

This is something that I have known for quite some time, but I am just now getting around to telling you about it. No doubt, with this piece of information that I am about to bring to your attention, you will be able to wow your significant other, date, spouse, or or almost, perhaps anyone else.

Remember the show Garfield & Friends? It aired Saturday mornings on CBS in the early 1990’s and was, through the mid-90’s, syndicated. Now, think about the various “supporting voices” of the show. For instance Jon Arbuckle. Well, if you come to Cody and tune in to AM 1400 KODI or 1140 KZMQ in the mornings (about 7-10 local time, M-F) you will hear a voice that–if you watched enough Garfield & Friends–makes you think: I know that voice….. Or maybe not. But, if you were an avid watcher of Garfield & Friends, you do know the voice in question.

Go ahead, watch the end credits of any episode of Garfield & Friends. On of the voices listed is Thom Huge. The last name is not pronounced as a synonym for “really big.” Rather, it is hue’gee. Thom Huge is currently the news director for the Big Horn Radio Network, and prior to moving to Cody, the voice of Jon Arbuckle. Also, (I know this is hard to believe), but he was also the voice of Binky the Clown and Roy Rooster. You can see what he looked like here and what he looks like here


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