Posted by: Scott | Friday, March 3, 2006

State of the blog

Howdy. Welcome to my blog @ In 2004, there was much talk about the impact of the blogosphere on the elections. I thought about getting my own blog, but figured there was already enough other folks doing the same thing. Over the course of the election (and afterwords) I was introduced to Sharper Iron, at the time, a months-old blog and forum for fundamentalists. I admit, I was skeptical at first, wondering if fundamentalism and the blogosphere could exist together. Well, in May, I decided on joining.

For quite some time, SI was close enough to blogging for me. It took me some time to realize that, although similar in function, a blog and a forum were different. September 3, 2005, was born.

After just a couple months of blogging, I was notified that I didn’t have long to find a new blog-host. I found, which was a free, WordPress-based blog-host. I really began to like the feel of WordPress. I soon found out my old blog was not viewable on the BJU campus, but this new one was. I was excited at the prospect of having a new potential readership of 5,000 or so. I felt like what a radio-talk-show host must feel like when he picks up a new station to syndicate his program.

Fortunately, planning for my parents’ surprise 30th anniversary celebration kept me busy enough to not have much time for posting. Why was this fortunate, you ask? Well, one day, I went to see the look of my blog and came up with something that was not my blog. No articles or anything of mine! I still had my “old blog” on a free trial of, but that would be ending soon. So, I found another free WordPress-based blog-host,

Something that was very convenient was that the little bit of posting I had done in November was still on my account, so I just had to update my profle and republish my articles. I also found I could save articles to work on later, which I did with my other blog articles (copy-paste-save). Yup, they are still on the agenda to publish here, but they are here.

This blogging experience has been enjoyable, but it has not been without its trials. You have already read about my run of bad luck getting started. Well, there is more sad news to add. It was brought to my attention last month that has now been blocked in Greenville, SC (well, for 5,000 or so in Greenville). As far as I know, this is still true, but the best course of action is still being determined.

In more positive news, I am pleased to report that today, my visitor rating peaked higher than ever. People have found me by using search terms, including terms about the hunting accident, Comfort Food Radio, and Trinity Bible Church. Some have “stumbled in” by the next blog feature and one has commented.

That is all for now. I must be going to tend to some personal matters. Keep on reading and feel free to (decently) comment. Thanks for visiting!


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