Posted by: Scott | Saturday, March 11, 2006

Beware of Wolves (in MT and ID)

According to this article, the regional (Yellwostone area) wolf population has topped 1,000! The “down side” comes in the third paragraph:

The report, from state and federal wildlife agencies responsible for wolf management in the three-state region, shows population growth in Montana and Idaho. But it shows an overall decline in Wyoming, where wolf numbers in Yellowstone National Park fell sharply — mainly because so many pups died. Officials suspect disease as the culprit behind the deaths.

Hmmmm; Wolf numbers down in WY??? Maybe the “disease” is stress from reading that we actually define them as predators, and thus gives WY residents unrestricted hunting priveleges of the wolves in question. I know one of the men that grooms ski trails just outside of Yellowstone’s East Gate. He has seen wolves in that area and also elk that are 1/4 eaten. He says they kill one elk a day and only eat a quarter of it! And wolves aren’t preadators???

Hardly anybody in this area (including myself) wanted the wolf reintroduced anyway. But, on a positive, unrelated, buried-deep-in-the-paper-aspect, some local children on a school bus saw a wolf in WY.


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