Posted by: Scott | Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wal-Mart eyes Worland, WY

View the story here.

Of course, there’s going to be all kinds of griping about this. Big business coming into a small town and taking away from all the small/local business. Well, in case you don’t read the article, let me point out that our Wal-Mart in Cody is shopped by people from 100+ miles away (including Worland). Cody’s initial reaction is probably going to be one of protest since that will mean a dip in sales tax revenues for the city. And though some early gripers have arisen in Worland, some have already pointed out Worland will have a rise in sales tax revenues.

In case you are wondering about Wal-Mart “killing” small business:

  • There are many small business owners in Cody that shop at Wal-Mart for their supplies.
  • Also, you can walk into a Wal-Mart and see containers for bringing back plastic shopping bags; those bags end up in the back room to be sent off for recycling. In them, I have noticed bags from many of the local merchants. Point–the customer is going to shop where they wish to shop, whether it be Wal-Mart or the locally owned “Mom & Pop shop.”


  1. hello,
    my name is kaitlin and i live in riverside ca,and im moving to worlan wy in july 2007. and i have 5yr exp in cashier and sell asst. and im looking for a job so when i get out there i will be ready to work hard. i would loved if you could send me a application to 10975 endicott dr riverside ca,92505. thank you

  2. God I hope Walmart Comes to Worland, WY because I’m tired of driving 1hr 1/2 to Cody. No offense but local stores are crazy they have extremely high prices in things you can buy at Walmart for 1/2 price or cheaper.

    I can’t wait for walmart to come!

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