Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Single issue blogging

I’ve heard it said on more than one occasion that the “best rated” blogs are single-issue blogs. That is, a blog devoted to abortion issues, or a blog about Wal-Mart, or a blog about Creationism; a blog that has one central theme to it. Why? I guess because people learn they can come to your blog to find out about that subject (whatever it is). The theory is that you will have a better audience.

You may not believe this, but I am a single issue blogger. I am very single; still on the quest for the right one, the one that God has for me. If you are her (that is, the one for me) and reading this, be assured, our paths will meet when and where they are supposed to. Perhaps they have already, but we will come to that realization when and where we are supposed to.

In all seriousness though (not to say the above was not serious), if you look at my blog topics, you’ll note that I blog about a number of assorted subjects. I’ve blogged about Christmas, my travels last September (which reminds me I need to get some of those reposted since my move to, political issues, of course adoption has made my blog on a few occasions, and I even have a category called Misc. for those posts that I just don’t know what to do with! And you know, I’ve found that I’ve had quite an audience with the multiplicity of categories and subjects. Over the past several weeks, people have found my blog looking for info about the hunting accident, Ray Hunkins’ (R-WY) gubernatorial campaign, Wal-Mart’s move into Worland, procrastination week, and even today the terms Bible, “desires of your heart”, “to get and potential girlfriend brought a couple visitors by. Perhaps I should cut courting/dating issues from my blog….

You’ll note in the header of my blog I have “Writing down the thoughts of the moment…” It is from a quote by Francis Bacon and you can view it on my blog cabin page I saw the quote in a recent periodical, and it seemed to fit the idea of blogging, so I have used it as my “unofficial motto” ever since then. So, I intend to go on writing down the thoughts of the moment, whatever they be on. And as always, you are invited to comment on any of those thoughts (just be decent about it; thankfully, I’ve yet to edit or delete a comment).


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