Posted by: Scott | Saturday, March 18, 2006

Broke-bracket Madness: Round II

Oakland was my best conference; Washigton DC was my worst. Here’s how my bracket advances into the Sweet 16 (or not) without editing for current conditions:


  • George Washington; Iona*
  • Southern Illinois*; Texas

  • Bucknell; Kansas*
  • Indiana; Alabama
    Washington, D.C.:

  • UAB*; Air Force*
  • George Mason; Winthrop*

  • Villanova; Montana
  • Oklahoma*; Ohio State

*=team eliminated

To give me some feeling of hope or let down in the games where I don’t have a team able to advance (whether it be one or both), I have come up with the following hopes for Sweet 16:


  • George Washington; Iona* Texas A&M
  • Southern Illinois* W. Virginia; Texas

  • Bucknell; Kansas* Bradly
  • Indiana; Alabama
    Washington, D.C.:

  • UAB* Kentucky; Air Force* Washington
  • George Mason; Winthrop* Tenessee

  • Villanova; Montana
  • Oklahoma* Florida; Ohio State

*=team eliminated; replacement picks follow eliminated teams.


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