Posted by: Scott | Saturday, March 25, 2006

Abdul Rahman being defended

I saw a post regarding an apparent lack of Fundamental/Conservative Christian support for Abduhl Rahman that got my interest yesterday. So much so that I had to reply. At the time, the post was rather on the derogatory side, but I am pleased to see that the blogger has, in addition to replying to my comment, “cleaned it up” It could be an interesting conversation. If you’d like to get get in or just observe, click here

Meanwhile, on the information superhighway, the Chicago Tribune writes in defense of Abdul Rahman and President Karzai is between a rock and a hard place:

Top officials have said Abdul Rahman, who faces a possible death sentence for alleged apostasy, will be released soon, but clerics have questioned Karzai’s authority to order his release and have warned of a possible revolt if he tries.

“The Koran is very clear and the words of our prophet are very clear. There can only be one outcome: death,” said cleric Khoja Ahmad Sediqi, who is also a member of the Supreme Court. “If Karzai releases him, it will play into the hands of our enemy and there could be an uprising.”
emphais added

Well, isn’t that nice, we, the liberators (along with Germany, Italy, Canada, Great Britain, Sweeden, Austrailia, and even the U.N.) are “the enemy.” If you’re new to my blog, read this post to see how clear the Koran is on those that leave Islam of their own will.

But, he appears to be taking the role of President and finding a way to intervene for the welfare of one of his country’s citizens. (HT: Noisy Room; See also Sharper Iron)


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