Posted by: Scott | Sunday, April 2, 2006

Brokebracket Madness: The Triumphant Two

OK, I know it is called the National Championship, but I liked the alliterated names for most all the other games, so this is the Triumphant Two!

As you know, none of my teams made it this far, not even the modified pics that occurred as the series progressed! In case you're wondering, I had Montana going all the way, toppling Texas in the end. Well, we're down to UCLA and Florida, neither of which I am terribly fond of. So, while contemplating what method to pick by, I remembered Pastor Frank Sansone's imaginary bracket competitor was doing well on a coin-flip, so I modified the coin flip method. I have collected the state quarters and placed them in a collector map over the past several years. I have both California and Florida. So I gave both quarters 10 individual flips. If the state side landed up, it counted as one vote. Both states ended up 7 out of 10 times.

For a tie-breaker, I decided to tape both quarters, head-to-head, and do seven flips. Whichever state landed up got one vote and started "up" on the next flip. Florida won that competition, 5-2, and thus, Florida becomes my (modified) bracket winner. The tie-breaker score I have listed is winner: 73, looser: 68. We'll see.


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