Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, April 4, 2006


I stopped at a friend's house on my way home from Bible Study last night and he has a collection of old Life magazines. While browsing through one of them (dated Oct. 13, 1958) I noticed a section called "Womanpower." One of the quotes really stuck out and so I wanted to share it:

Womanpower is the only thing that can fix a breakfast so that eggs, bacon, coffee, and toast all arrive hot at the same time, even though it's impossible, because I've tried it.

So, what's the reason for this post, you ask? Well, I got into a discussion on Sharper Iron, that was supposed to be "For Men Only" (a reaction to the "Ladies Only" forum). Granted, I was late but I did join in. Now, it seems I am a topic of discussion on the ladies forum (at least, that's what I'm told; of course I cannot personally verify this). I pointed back to a couple of posts here and I just wanted to clarify that I do have a great respect for women. I don't fully understand them, nor do I plan to, but, women are incredible people (as noted by the above quote).

BTW, thanks to all the SI members and lurkers that dropped in today, taking my blog beyond the threshold of 40 50 visitors in a single day (per WP stats that don't count my own visits when I refresh the screen to see the update, etc…)! Yup that's right, SI has brought in a number of folks, all most from the "Men Only" thread–one from my profile–(thus, this clarification)

(Edited 4:50 pm MDT for aditional clarifications, stat updates)


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