Posted by: Scott | Monday, April 17, 2006

Apr. 17, 2006 musings

Today on my way to Mom's Laundromat and Sandwich Shop, my travels were interrupted by a funeral procession (complete with police escort). I had to follow them seven blocks down Stampede Ave, then down the 11th St. hill (not to be confused with "the hill") and then I was going to take a different road in hopes of getting in front of them before they reached Geranns and 8th. But when I arrived there, the line was just reaching the intersection. I contemplated making use of the left lane that they were not in, but I did notice that traffic flow in the opposite direction was willingly pulled over. So, with that conviction presented I awaited the final police officers passing by and then followed the one in the left lane (knowing that the line in the right lane was going to be turning right at the cemetery).

April Showers?Chris Leavell comments about the return of Winter in Idaho. Here in Wyoming, we are experiencing the same thing


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