Posted by: Scott | Thursday, May 4, 2006

“Late Night” Ramblings

  • Some things I can't believe:
    • There's no national niece's day!!!! Can you believe it? Therefore, let it be known, that here at the Political Cowboy (and any other blog/organization/etc… that wants to participate), May 6th shall be (National) Niece's Day! I have National in parenthesis because I want it to be a national event, but right now, it is not nationaly recognized. Call your Senators and Representatives; your governors, your mayors, city councils and county commissions! Help our nation's nieces out and support/celebrate (National) Niece's Day Sat. May 6, 2006 (and every May 6 thereafter)! I love being an uncle!
    • I'm still so very single
    • A cousin of mine is graduating high school this year?!?!?!?!? That means I graduated eight years ago!!!! Wow, I am getting old! 😮
  • Stuff to point out:
    • I now have an AccuWeather Picture Gallery! :-8 There is a link in the sidebar (look under "Blogroll"), but since this is my first post about it, I will provide a link here. And yes, there are viewable pictures there.
    • I got to train a new housekeeper at my second job today. Nifty as I've only been there three weeks as of this Saturday ( [National] Niece's Day 😉 )!
    • I'm still so very single.


  1. […] Blog Related, Main, Misc., Holidays, Newsworthy, Numerology I can’t believe I missed the holiday of my own creation this year!!! I hereby expand the observance of International Nieces’ Day to last one week, […]

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