Posted by: Scott | Friday, May 5, 2006

International Niece’s Day 2006!

It's International Niece's Day this May 6 and every May 6 hereafter. I know, earlier I called it National Niece's Day, but I got to thinking about all the nieces that are outside the bounds of the USA and then there are the aunts and uncles that are in the same situation that may have niece's in the USA, so I figured make it an international holiday (besides that, I do have some audience members abroad). I now have the official proclamation, ready to post right here:

  • Whereas there are many insignificant days of recognition
  • Whereas there are many significant days of recognition (including, but not limited to  Mothers, Fathers, and Grandparents)
  • Whereas a simple Google search reveals no day of recognition for nieces
  • Whereas neices, uncles, and aunts are known to live worldwide

Let it be known that May 6, 2006 shall be (at least in my small circle of influence) known as International Neice's Day, a day for nieces across the world to be recognized for how special they are to their uncles and aunts, with appropriate festivities and observances encouraged to take place. This observance is intended to be an annual event observed every sixth day of May.


Scott Bothwell
this, the 5th day of the 5th month in the Year of our LORD, 2006 

Right now, I have one single solitary individual niece. I've not met her, nor has she met me (other than her father reading my note to her). I am overwhelmed with joy to have my first niece. Feel free to take part in this special day wherever you are. 


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