Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, May 9, 2006

“A mere $48 million???”

So Hollywood is all depressed because "Mission Impossible 3" missed the $50 million mark by $2 million and that makes it a mere $48 million, as if the other $2 million were the difference in eating rammen noodles and a T-bone steak? As John Stossel would say, give me a break!
As for me, I can't fathom seeing $48 million (let alone $50 million or even $2 million) in my lifetime, let alone a single weekend. But it has prompted me to think, what would I do if over three days, $48, $50 or $2 million landed in my name? I can say for certain, long-term bills (education, car, and debt loans) would get paid in full. Beyond that, I'm not sure where specifically the "leftovers" would go (and I don't want to publicly commit such hypothetical funds just in case they become actual). 


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