Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Stoking the blog cabin fireplace

Well, we got some snow overnight here in Cody. Though by this afternoon, the low-lying areas had lost the appearance of it's accumulation (there is still wet ground) the mountains had yet to shed their share (which is OK; we need it for the runoff!). A nice thing about these spring snow storms is that generally, they are not dry, powdery snows, but rather wet, heavy snows. We'll take whatever precipitation that the Lord sends our way.

I've done some decorating and remodeling around the blog cabin:

  • New buttons in the blogroll list, mostly replacing text links
  • One button/link is new: my favorite RSS feeds via Bloglines. Just click the Bloglines button and you will be transported to my feeds.
  • Speaking of my Bloglines feed list, I've moved some stuff around, primarily, Sharper Iron getting its own category. Why? Well, I'll let them break the news (I understand an announcement is forthcoming (HT: Frank Sansone [for bringing it up], and Greg Linscott [for providing the "stepping stone"] )
  • A new extension has been added to the Firefox page. It'll help your blogging and forum life out in a huge way (even better than Google!) and it even works with the WordPress rich text editor!
  • I've had two new signatures added to my Google Guestmap. Have you signed yet? Today would be a great day to join the handful of us (yes, I signed my own map) that have done so already.
  • Westminster, CO still tops the stats page. I still don't know who it is in Westminster (though I have my suspicions), but I think it is safe to classify him/her/them as Political Cowboy regular(s). 
  • An important post comes at May 10, midnight (MST). That's late night tonight. You won't want to miss it! I love delayed publishing!
  • As I understand it, Macy had a wonderful International Niece's Day. My heart was so warmed that I almost wanted to create an international uncle's day, but I'll leave that to some good-hearted niece šŸ˜‰

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