Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Niece’s Father

For those that were awaiting the arrival of this post @ Midnight (Mountain Time)/2 AM (Eastern Time), I do apologize. Not sure why it didn’t post automatically, but on lunch the issue was resolved. If you weren’t waiting at such late (or early) hours (and even if you were), then forget I said anything and enjoy the article. SEB


That is so cool to say, “That’s my niece!” I’ve yet to see her in person, but I have received a picture confirming that she is the cutest niece in the world.

But before I had a niece, I had a friend, a dear friend. He was my room-mateNathan and Macy his first year at IBC (or was I his room-mate my second year? The world may never know πŸ™‚ ). And today, he reaches a new milepost in life: 25 years (and nine months or so) of life!

Anyways, upon my return to the IBC campus from a quick summer in 1999, I arrived at the dorm and he was sound asleep from jet lag due to a long flight from Nairobi, Kenya, E. Africa. I am not sure why he decided to stay awake for being so tired, but he did. We talked in the kitchen/dining area of the residence about all kinds of things. Besides being room-mates, we learned that we were both avid Denver Broncos fans. And from there the conversation took off like the jet plane that flew him to Arizona. He learned pert’near everything about Cody, WY (I think) and I learned a little about Nairobi, Kenya and the life of a Missionarys’ Kid (MK for short). I couldn’t have been more impressed at the friendship that had just sprouted that night.

Over the next four years, this friendship grew closer and stronger. It wasn’t without a rough spot or two, but that made the bond all the stronger and all the more precious. At any given time, he could open the Word of God and share with you what the Lord had laid on his heart recently.

And O, how great are the fun times we had together:

  • He disputes this to this day, but one night I was up late studying (believe it or not) and then he said something that I didn’t quite catch. I asked him to repeat it. Nissan gapae came the reply. Say what? Again, Nissan gapae. I reminded him that I didn’t have a strong hold on Swahili, and he asked what time it was. I told him and he rolled back over. The next morning and thereafter, he denied it. That’s OK, he has “a good one” on me which I won’t deprive him the joy of sharing should he decide to comment on this post… πŸ˜‰
  • We rewrote some popular secular Christmas songs to fit IBC dating standards and Arizona:
  • ….Come on it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you (and a chaperon)…
  • …Walkin’ in a Summer Wonderland
  • Who knows how many times we ventured to the Wal-Mart across the road (the people greeter knew us anyway) just to chat. We never did get around to going over there and have me be his interpreter.

Nathan's new milepost So, to my buddy; my brother in Christ, my niece’s father, I say happy 25th birthday Nathan!!! I’ve been there once not long ago. It’s not too bad (especially when you get that insurance discount!). Just try to avoid thinking about being a quarter of a century old and you’ll be alright!


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