Posted by: Scott | Saturday, May 13, 2006

Interview with my computer

Recently my computer interviewed me. Following is the transcript. SEB

Computer: And I'm here today with the blogger known as the Political Cowboy. Scott, welcome to the interview.

Scott: Thank you. It's good to be here. I'd like to send out greetings to my all my friends and family, including my recently-born niece and my Mom, who has been promoted to Grandma via the birth of my niece.

Comp: OK. Now you have other blog accounts, but you blog solely at WordPress?

Scott: Yes.

Comp: Why?

Scott: Exclusiveness. The other accounts point back here. If I ran into an emergency  (i.e. a WordPress crash) I could theoretically post on the other accounts and move them over after restoration of service. But I have found WordPress to be a nice place to hang my blogging hat.

Comp: But you have other online areas that you post at?

Scott: Yes; I'll comment on other blogs, I'll post on various forums, but my personal blogging life is here at WordPress. People coming to my blog feel special knowing that this is the one spot that they can find it (aside from RSS services). Sort of like being invited to a friend's house for a cup of tea and a chat.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Blog peruser searching for a blog to read.
Oh, come on in! How are you? How's the family? The job? What've you been up to? How's it feel to be reading the most reader-appreciated blog online?

Computer: OK, but you don't have an mascot or anything along those lines?

Scott: No; people look at mascots and say, Oh, isn't it cute? or How funny! and focus on the mascot while forgetting all about the product (in this case, my blog). I don't need a cartoon or computer animation to say Come read Scott's blog or Feel free to comment (decently) on whatever you like. I can say it myself and people say Oh, yea, I know you; I've read you here or there or we met there.   Doesn't mean I don't accept free promotion via links from other bloggers. That is a real person saying to their circle of influence Go visit Scott. And that is fine; real people endorsing real people. I have a number of real people on my links page.

Comp: Are you  disturbed that more people don't comment?

Scott: Yes and no. As much as they have the freedom to speak, they have the freedom to lurk. Only thing I ask is that commenters and potential commenters be decent in doing so. So far, I've not had to moderate a single comment, aside from the rare case that spam makes it through the filter. But I love feedback and I welcome it.

Comp: Every now and then, you post items of humor, but it can be subtle. Why?

Scott: It catches my readers of-guard. I carry on, then slip in a slice of humor (a pun or something of similar nature), or sometimes, it can be intended to be funny all the way through, and if done just right, people think that they are reading something real, but they're not; it's satire (just like this post 🙂 ).

Comp: Well, that concludes our time for today. Join me next time when I interview the keyboard and mouse as they face off about who is doing whose job. Scott, thank you for being here today. Hope you'll come again sometime.
Scott: Thank you for the interview. It was a pleasure. Just say the word, and I'll be here.

Comp: And this is Scott's Computer saying farewell and have a great weekend!


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