Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Return of the Mystery Picture

I had this feature a long time ago in a blog host far away. Occasional PC Commenter Chris Leavell correctly guessed what the first one was. Well, I am starting back up the Mystery Picture. The rules are simple:

  • Take a guess at what the picture is.
  • If you're right, you're right;
  • if you're wrong, you're wrong;
  • if you're close, you're still wrong, but at least you're close.

What is it?

So, what do you suppose this strange thing is? Post your guess(es) as comments (one per person at a time please). I'll let you know the correctness of your guess. Have fun!



  1. Is it a couch arm rest?

  2. Excellent guess, but no. 😦 I had not seen a couch arm rest in the picture till you mentioned it. I knew I should have started back with the one that you got on the first try πŸ™‚

    This is something that is commonly seen outside.

  3. a dog nose sniffing the camera

  4. Another interesting guess, and again, I had not seen a dog’s nose in the picture until now. But to tell you what you already know it is not furniture, nor is it any animal’s nose. One might consider going for a short rural drive….

  5. I am at a loss. Is it some sort of a fence mesh of some kind?

  6. I am at a loss.

    I’ve been reflecting on this possibility for the past few days. Oh, how to give hints on these without giving it all away….It’s not a deer or any other kind of critter.
    Not a fence, though you might find it on a fence.


  7. My wife thinks it is a lock, but I had to correct her. It is a barrell of a Flakvierling-38. (20mm anti-aircraft gun the Germans used against the Americans on D-Day.)

  8. Please tell me I didn’t pick something indigenous to Wyoming…..

    Driving is a good time to reflect on this post… πŸ˜‰

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