Posted by: Scott | Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another K

Yee-haw! While replying to a guess on the Mystery Picture, I looked over at my stat counter and noticed that I've reached the 4000 mark!

4K visits and counting!

I gotta tell you though, for the past several days Westminster, CO has been given a run for his/her/their statistics. Fist off, Ault, CO (I've been told Ault is an acronym for A Unique Little Town) bumped Westminster down a notch; then Boise and Idaho Falls, ID and Slat Lake City, UT added to the torture. For now, Idaho Falls is in the lead just above Westminster. This is not to say that Ault came out of nowhere. They have been fairly consistently in the top five.

Westminster reader(s), I can see falling to Idaho Falls or Boise, even Salt Lake City, but Ault?!?!?!?

By the way, Powell, WY found their way onto the stats this week! Nothing quite like the joy of having regional readers! 🙂


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