Posted by: Scott | Monday, May 29, 2006

Military Highlights

I know, Memorial Day is nearly done, and in some parts of the country, it already is. But I do want to say a huge thanks to all our soldiers on land, on the sea, or in the air for your sacrifice and your service. Also, to our soldiers' families: no matter what your relation to one of our nation's defenders, your too, are sacrificing for your country and it should not go unnoticed. To the families of soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice, I offer my condolences.

At dinner, Dad brought up that the he recently saw a report that the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier had a crack in it. Furthermore, a Colorado man has offered to repair it with a marble slab that he is providing and even offering the transportation to haul it to Arlington. Estimated value: $60,000. Downside to the story: this offer is five years old. A simple solution but a complex bureaucracy…Sounds like some elected officials need to be contacted.

President Bush today signed into law H.R. 5037, the Respect for America's Fallen Heroes Act, This legislation enacts penalties for protesting/demonstrating at funerals. This hasn't been a huge issue, though one group has been going from funereal to funeral blaming the deaths of our soldiers on God's judgment on America for a lack of policy against homosexuals. Of course I also wonder if the condition of a fallen hero's tomb is an indication of respect…


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