Posted by: Scott | Saturday, June 3, 2006

Need a job?

It is a rare summer here in Cody. If you are seeking employment, you need to have a job secured by a week or two ago. However, businesses all over town still bear sayings such as "Help Wanted," "Now Hiring," "Make $#.##/hr; Apply Within," and on the list goes. Fast food, motels, retailers: all looking for summer help and in some cases, permanent hires. Result: a somewhat competitive job market typically starting around $7. 

Why all the pleas for help? There aren't that many folks seeking a job for one. April's numbers have Wyoming at a 3.2% unemployment rate, just over 16,000 people* and fourth in the nation, separated by less than half a point from the least unemployed state of Hawaii at a 2.8% (FL and SD tied for second @ an even 3.0).

Another possibility, particularly for Cody is the oil markets. Currently my back yard (figuratively speaking) is the  top producer of oil in the state. Of course wages in this market are considerably higher than the in-town jobs, thus the void of available workers.

*Assuming an even spread across the state, that gives right around 700 unemployed folks in each of  Wyoming's 23 counties.


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