Posted by: Scott | Sunday, June 4, 2006

Park County, WY Elections: Research needed!

Apparently, a lot of folks want to serve on the expanding county commission board. 15 in all, including two incumbents, for four seats, two of which are new as decided by a voter-approved measure passed in 2004 to expand the board from three members to five members.

County Commissioner 4yr
Malcolm E. Adams, Cody R
Bill Brewer, Cody R
Dennis Decker, Powell R
Edward D. Farmer, Meeteetse R
Tim French, Powell R (Inc)
Terry Hinkle, Cody R
Max Mulford, Cody R
Jill Shockley Siggins, Cody R
Klodette Stroh, Powell R
Jim Vanaman, Cody R
Tom D. Whitson, Powell D
Kim Capron, Cody D

County Commissioner 2yr
Frank Child, Cody R
Marie Fontaine, Cody R (Inc)
Mike McCue, Cody R

Locals: Know anything about any of the above contenders? I don't intend this to be a mud-slinging contest either. What I am looking for is who would be good and why, not how the incumbents voted on Copperleaf.

County Coroner
Tim Power, Cody R (Inc)
County & Prosecuting Attny
Bryan Skoric, Cody R (Inc)

A showdown for the sheriff this year. Sheriff Steward is filling the remainder of Dave Doyle's term–elected in 2002, resigned earlier this year.
County Sheriff
David C. Brown, Powell R
Scott A. Steward Powell R (Inc)

County Clerk
Karen Carter, Powell R (Inc)
Cheryle Hancock, Cody R
Jerri Gams-Torczon, Powell R

County Treasurer
Nena Graham-Burke, Cody R (Inc)

County Assessor
Doug R. Brandt, Cody R

Clerk of District Court
Joyce Boyer, Cody R (Inc)

But yes, the ballot will be pretty full. Also, this year I get to vote in the Cody city elections. 'Twill be my first time! All Wyoming residents, keep in mind that the Primary Elections are on August 22 this year. Check with your county elections office for polling info or to request an absentee ballot.



  1. Scott – Our group has done a questionnaire of all the County Commissioner candidates on growth. I am more than happy to email you a copy if you are interested.


    Hans Johnson
    President, Northfork Citizens for Responsible Development

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