Posted by: Scott | Monday, June 5, 2006

Wyoming Republicans take a right

With primary campaigns moving into full swing, the WY GOP had its convention in Casper this weekend. I was busy enough that I was unaware until this morning. The theme was To lead Wyoming for families. The big news is that the state party platform has taken a conservative swing. Highlights of the platform include:

  • Opposition to abortion;
  • support for partial-birth abortion ban
  • opposition to gambling, including Powerball
  • opposition to teaching homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle
  • support for responsible spending reduction
  • support for eliminating unnecessary/ineffective programs
  • Support for multiple use on public lands

Wyoming Republican Party chairman Drake Hill stated in his Saturday speech to the convention:

No, we seek the privilege of office so that we can, together, leave Wyoming a better place — to 'lead Wyoming for families,' To all Wyoming people we say this: We Wyoming Republicans rededicate ourselves to making the lives of you, your children, and your families better.

More quotes can be found in the Casper Star-Tribune.


In other Wyoming politics news, the filing deadline for the August 22 Primary Election has come and gone. Most State offices have Republicans and Democrats running. You can find the candidate listing with contact information (PDF format) on the Wyoming Secretary of State website. If you have the PDF-to-HTML Firefox extension, you can save some time opening the document, or you can view it as HTML thanks to Google.

Edited 10:30 PM MDT 6/5/2006: This is purely experimental, but here is the link for the HTML view as generated by the PDF-to-HTML extension. I don't know if it will work outside of Firefox, but if you'd like to try, go for it! I am providing this as I have noticed the Google cache is not yet up-to-date.


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