Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Wyoming Gubernatorial Candidate Ray Hunkins has somewhat against Western Democrats. He has specifically called out Gov. Dave Freudenthal, Sen. Max Backus of Montana and Sen. Ken Salazar of Colorado as wolves in sheep's clothing. His reasoning is that they do their best to sound Republicanish to gain the votes but they don't do so great at being Republicanish. Thus, Ray Hunkins' campaign slogan is "A real Republican for Governor."

While contemplating Mr. Hunkins' thoughts, I figure there are some other Dems that could be lumped into the sheep-clothed wolf category:

  • Sen. Jon Testor (D-MT): Here in Cody most of our TV stations come from MT, so election years are great in that you know how to vote in two states. Jon Testor is the current MT State Senate President running for Conrad Burns' (R-MT) U.S. Senate seat. In one of his commercials, he goes on about how he "worked with" the Governor Brian Schweitzer to get such-and-such accomplished in Montana (note: not a direct quote). He does not indicate his party in the commercial anywhere, though he does humbly admit that he approved of what he said (thanks a lot, John McCain!) It was not long after that I saw the candidate on a Montana news cast, and they tell you the party affiliation, and I thought, I'm sure it took a lot of effort to work with another Democrat!
  • Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT): In 2004, he was elected as Montana's first Democratic governor since 1988 His campaign was interesting (sorta). His running mate, John Bohlinger is a Republican. They went for the bi-partisan thing and won. Interestingly enough, Bohlinger is still Lt. Gov. of Montana, but since Nov. 2004, I've not seen any more of him. Now it's all about the Democratic Governor "working with" the Democratic President of the Senate!

Any other sheep-clothed wolves to be aware of out there?


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