Posted by: Scott | Sunday, June 11, 2006

Al Hamburg–He can run, but can’t serve

Al Hamburg is running for office in Wyoming, again. He has run many a time in many a party affiliation. But I learned something interesting about him this year: though he is eligible to run for office, he is unable to serve.

Back in 1989, in a U.S. House campaign with the New Alliance party he was charged with forging petition signatures of dead people. In Wyoming, if you run under a minor party ticket, you need so many signatures to get on the ballot. Hamburg's claim is that if he had won back in '89, the deceased ones would not have been harmed. The Wyoming Supreme Court correctly said if he had won, voters would have been defrauded. Due to a lack of evidence, part of the conviction was overturned, and in 2003, his voting rights were restored. However, he is still a convicted felon and thus, barred from public office.

In the 2002 gubernatorial race, Al Hamburg ran as a Libertarian, doubtlessly pulling votes from Republicans and Democrats. This year, he is running in the gubernatorial primary election as a Democrat against incumbent Gov. Dave Freudenthal. Hamburg has indicated that he would sue if he wins the primary election and is told that he cannot serve.

Source: Billings Gazette



  1. […] For what it’s worth, I am already registered to vote (WY Primary is August 22!!!!) I am still undecided if I want to vote for Ray Hunkins (R for Gov), whom I support and will probably more-than-likely get the Republican approval this go-around, or Al Hamburg (D for Gov), who has run for just about every office in every third-party but can’t serve […]

  2. We have had too much of “Gov(?) Dave”! It seems as everyone I talk to agrees & I am hoping the other Counties of Wyoming feel as Uinta does! The man has done nothing really constructive in the growth of the State he was elected to govern!
    He doesn’t even have any advocates to assist us Wyoming residents in problems with State offices! He doesn’t reply to mail or e-mail, not even an automated response!
    I have an attorney ready & wanting to jump into a BAD FAITH suit but all I really want is the U.I. benefits I deserve to get me out of the hole the “Bad faith” put me in. I did send the Governor a copy of my final U.I. denial admitting BAD FAITH & hope (but doubt) I will get a response.
    If I get no action, you will know. Watch the papers for a letter I may send the editors entitled “Gov (?) Dave condones BAD FAITH practices in U.I.
    We don’t need an outgoing Mayor that couldn’t serve his City as a State Representative either. And we don’t need a former (do nothing) Mayor to be re-elected. I am so glad the majority of Uinta County agrees & hope everyone will look real seriously this time as to who we put into office (to work for us).

  3. Funny where Google takes you. Is this the same guy?

    Al HAMBURG, Appellant (Plaintiff), v. Judy H. , Appellee (Defendant)

    No. 84-60

    Supreme Court of Wyoming

    683 P.2d 662; 1984

    Appellant transferred an automobile to appellee in exchange for her promise to pay him $100 and a specified number of sexual favors. In his complaint, appellant alleges breach of contract and asks for money damages. The justice of the peace court dismissed the action, ruling that the contract was illegal and unenforceable. The district court affirmed the dismissal. The issue is whether or not appellant is entitled to any relief under the contract.

    We will affirm.

    The essence of the agreement between the parties was that appellant would transfer a 1970 Pontiac automobile to appellee in consideration for her paying $100 and additionally bestowing upon him 100 sexual favors. The agreement was in writing and undated. It contained some ambiguous and unfamiliar terms which were sufficiently clarified at trial. Appellant brought an action against [**2] appellee in the small claims court and in his complaint alleged breach of contract and demanded money damages.

    If you want the rest, let me know. It’s hilarious.

  4. […] he’s Wyoming’s (favorite?) non-winner that likes to run, even though there are questions about his qualifications. He just might be the biggest non-story of the year (again), but this makes two consecutive posts […]

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