Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, June 13, 2006

You thought magnets were strange???

The FOX/UPN affiliate in Colorado Springs is running a pet contest: Animal Idol

Jennifer Wilson, a friend via Sharper Iron has entered her dog Elliot into the contest. Voting ends this week (June 16th to be sure) so I’m campaigning: vote for #95!

Results will be announced June 19th. 



  1. Yay, thank you Scott!!! And Ellie thanks you too. 🙂

  2. Hey Scott, just wanted to let you know Elliott lost the Animal Idol … they took an extra week to tabulate the votes. The winners were totally ugly, of course, but oh well. Thank you so much for posting my plea on your blog; I really appreciate it.

  3. Yes, that was me that moved the comment over 😉

    You’re welcome! Sorry to hear about the loss. The voting must have been rigged (or a bunch of folks got disenfranchised), especially with a cat getting first prize. Elliot definitely was – – correction: is – – much cuter than the rest of the contenders. We’ll have to campaign harder next time.

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