Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Last year’s family reunion

A year ago today, there was a family reunion. A father and husband was reunited with his wife and younger son. Those of you that know me know that I speak of the Seidler family. It was a year ago today that they all thought they were headed home from Powell, WY to Littleton, CO, but in that journey, God was actually leading two of them home. 65 miles west of Casper, near the Natrona/Fremont County line, a weary west-bound driver drifted into the east-bound lane. Heidi, attempting to avoid the collision, moved into the west-bound lane. The weary driver realized he was in the wrong lane and corrected back to his lane, only to collide into the rental occupied by the Seidlers. Joel and Mrs. Seidler died on impact. The great news is that they were instantly in Heaven with the Lord Jesus and Mr. Seidler. Heidi had some minor injuries. Charity was more critical. Most critical was Jessica, who ended up spending nearly two months in the hospital before getting to go home. Last I heard, Heidi, Jessica, and Charity were doing well. Be watching their family website for the anniversary update. To get some more insight, check out these 9 News reports from the months following the wreck:

I'm looking forward to Heaven. Two folks that I briefly met are there already. Also I have a grandfather and an aunt that are there. I'm looking forward to seeing them all. I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting those that have gone on before, that we read about in the Bible, others that we've read about in some histories. I'm looking forward to seeing what God has revealed in His Word about Heaven and that which He has not. Are you looking forward to Heaven? Why or why not?



  1. Absolutely I’m looking forward to heaven. But I’m a little scared to find out who’s *not* there when I get there. Spec. my grandma, b/c I just don’t know.

    Also, the thing about heaven having 24/7 sun (or nonstop sun, however you look at it) kinda freaks me out. I like sun, but I also like nighttime. And I like twilight and sunset. I like the transitions. OK, I don’t like sunrise, because I hate waking up early.

  2. Are you relate to cowboy Seidler (that’s all I remember) and he had family in Illinois–Edward Robert Seidler. I would like to chat if you are one in the same family

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