Posted by: Scott | Monday, June 19, 2006

Soldier’s Mother Supports Troops with Laptops

It is always good to blog about something neat here in Cody, WY. No, I am not the first to blog about it. Fellow WP blogger AndyG (who I found through a google search) beat me to it. Soooo, now I'm going to throw in my endorsement!

As I mentioned, this is a Cody-based organization: Laptops for the Wounded. However, the cause is a national one.Laura Brown puts donated funds to the purchase of laptops and then sends those on to our wounded soldiers. Her son served in Mosul Apr. 2003-Mar. 2004, so it is only natural for her to have a heart for the troops. Even PC games are acceptable donations. Donations are tax-deductible.

For more info, contact Laura Brown (and visit her great website!):

Laptops for the Wounded
1526 19th St.
Cody, WY 82414



  1. Hey Scott – glad you heard the show, and am honored and quite humbled that you would put it on your blog!!! Thanks so very much!!! I’ve been really surprised as much as my mouth flaps that most people (outside of the local bikers) had never heard of it. Being disabled myself, I understand the isolation you begin to feel when it is difficult to get around, and I’m in my own home in my hometown. I can only begin to imagine the isolation our wounded are feeling when they are inpatient in rehab for months at a time. Of note, before I send the laptops out I make sure they are wireless ready (should that mode become necessary at any facility) and place a webcam on it. Troop support is simply what I have thrown my heart and soul into, with the inability to make a living anymore after 30 years of HARD working. Additionally, please excuse how behind the website is; my webmaster has been VERY busy the last 2-3 months planning an annual GIANT family reunion, with people coming from as far away (or farther) as Ireland. But since that event was last weekend, hopefully I can get the fundraising events we have going on now posted on there. Fundraising is our serious tunnel-vision at this point; we were so intent upon getting some laptops out there that we didn’t hold onto our money to make money…so now we are working HARD to accomplish that. When I say “we”, I mean myself and my first best friend ever, since first grade but she is still in Ohio. So makes it challenging to say the least to coordinate things. We have a raffle going with 12 prizes, $2 a ticket or 5 tickets for $6 (basically 2 free tickets); you can email me for the rules as it is also being offered online to my other supporters as well as locally and it includes pictures of all of the prizes that we have at this point. I also have and will have more next week (should be a BIG box) of military support patches and service-specific / war-specific veteran patches with none over $9. There are POW/MIA license plate frames available as well for $10 and there will be other things such as pipe-bead Indian style chokers which I make. They will be $40 for 4-strand and $30 for 3-strand, and add $3 to either one that has a buffalo tooth on it. So, raffle, table at City Park on July 3rd and 4th selling my wares, and I can be contacted at home to check out patches and purchase raffle tickets. And as always, we plead for plain old donations as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…FOR OUR TROOPS AND THEIR FAMILIES!!! Thanks again Scott. Sorry I got so wordy…but I get excited about it and want all the info out there.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and filling in the details!

    I have no problems with people getting wordy in support of the men and women protecting us. They and their families sacrifice much; all too often, a sacrifice that goes unnoticed. It is great to be able to brag about and endorse a worthy cause in the home town that people all over can help out with. Keep up the good work!

  3. Sunflower Desert points out the national attention recently gained by a great American right here in Cody, WY!

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  5. Well…Laura here giving update…heading to San Antonio Monday (6/4/7) to visit 3 hospitals, leaving 4 laptops with webcams at Brooke’s, and one game station each at a Fisher House at the post hospital at Lackland AFB and one at Audie Murphy VA in San Antonio. I didn’t have any other laptops to take with me – this is a joint effort with another Exec Dir of another org, Team of Angels ( ) and she has made TONS of arrangements!!! Some she’ll be on her own to do, because I just can’t do as much as she can!!! I’m too decrepit…LOL!!! I’m really excited to get to visit with some troops and families, and have supper with Blue Star Mothers (of course I am one…) and we will have a Gold Star Mother joining us as well I believe. Just an update…go to the website
    ( ) and go to the forum, and lurk in the projects & news to see fundraisers going on with a scrapbooking company and on the home page of the website you will see a large banner near the bottom called “Laura’s Store” that is an org. that sells things for the purpose of donating to charity / nonprofits. Check it out – you will see for yourself how much is donated with every item purchased!! All are at least $6 per item if the item costs at least that much. Come visit!!

  6. The trip to San Antonio was phenomenal. We were able to visit with walking wounded and family members of those who were far from walking…some who had been there a week to some who had been there well over a year. I did NOT want to leave BAMC!!! (Brooke’s). Being part of the military famiy there was a real draw to stay there and do whatever I possibly could to help out – do SOMETHING!! There were certainly some very tragic stories and some miracles. There will be pics & some video on the website in a couple or 3 weeks. Then we went to Lackland AFB and I was COINED!!!! I was sooo honored – it is like a medal but not with a pin on the back. Is heavy, gold, and beautiful. They are earned for going “over & above”. I told them thanks so much but NOT going above & beyond – is the responsibility of American citizens to help our troops now and our older vets. Was really phenomenal. And about 2 minutes later I mentioned Sen. Craig Thomas’ name and it was then that I heard he had died & I REFUSED to believe it, until I got back to the motel & saw all the emails from PGR setting up the staging for his funeral and Cody internment. I truly bawled like a baby. But was really GREAT to just by pure divine intervention that of ALL the people I ran into there, I saw on the stone entryway waiting for the PGR escort to get there, I sat by & visited with Scott!!!! So we got to meet!!! But anyway – was a rugged trip – 3 facilities with several hours at each one in 2 days and taking a Gold Star mother and the Founder of the San Antonio chapter of Blue Star Mothers out to dinner (I am a Blue Star Mother). But was well worth every single second. Keep praying for our troops…..and our leaders to make the RIGHT decisions!!!!

  7. Laura,

    Thanks for the update! Looks like lots of exciting things going on!

    Also, thanks for being a loyal reader and attempted commenter (which now you should have no problem; the spam filter got a good lecture 😉 ).

  8. Thanks Scott – have had no prob since you had a lil’ sit-down with your filter!!! LOL!!!

    Have had a huge idea that is going to take a lot of local help & corporate donations (hopefully WILL HAVE our 501c3 – there’s NO reason why we will not….) but want to spearhead a HUGE troop rally here in Cody this next summer for all active duty and veterans. Will need corporate support, have some entertainment already lined up (if we get this off the ground soon enough…just need to pay their expenses of about $10,000 (ugh!!!). Anyway, any ideas, SUPPORT FROM YOUR EMPLOYERS AND YOUR OWN CORP’S – let me hear from you!!!! The sooner we get it organized the better off we will be in getting larger entertainment & hopefully the Golden Dragons (Eagles?? Think is dragons – the paratrooper show group that was here July 4, 06.

    Gotta go – thanks tons Scott & and let’s work on this!!!!!!!!!!!!

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