Posted by: Scott | Saturday, June 24, 2006


Out of the blue, slogans started forming in my head for our local newspaper, the Cody Enterprise:

  • If we don't report it, everyone else will
  • If it didn't happen in Cody, did it really happen?
  • Keyword: Cody
  • Because you can get national news from other sources
  • Give us 75¢ and we'll give you a color front-page
  • Saving the forests by publishing only twice a week
  • Who needs opinion polls when you can report basic driving violations?

Disclaimer: like all good satire, there are elements of truth to the above. They are not intended to reflect anti-Enterprise feelings or sentiment. They are soley for your entertainment.



  1. Ouch! I represent those remarks, or at least I used to at the weekly I once worked for. Never underestimate the police blotter (or the driving violations).

  2. The police blotter is especially huge here in Cody; Keeps folks entertained during the “quiet season” Our one comic is a local-issue oriented editorial comic.

    I actually made it in the blotter twice for the same ticket several years ago; once for getting the ticket (78 in a 65 😳 ; $64 fine; would have been $69 if I weren’t buckled up 🙄 ) and then again when I paid the fine. Unfortunately, they don’t differentiate the two events, just list your name and what the fine was under the heading of Speeding/Driving violations.

    Please note the original posting was soley for satire/entertainment purposes.

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