Posted by: Scott | Monday, July 3, 2006

A Surprise Reunion

Have you ever thought back to your high-school years and wondered how one classmate or the other was doing? Let me say, it is very easy to do this if you only have four classmates.

Sunday was a great day. I went to church – – like I always do – – at Wapiti Valley Church. Just before Pastor started the message, he introduced the first-time visitors. One of them, Amanda, was a name that sounded familiar (though there was no last name to go with it; however, from across the room she looked like she matched the name).

After the service, I had to ease my curiosity, so I meandered my way in her direction. Our paths met at the entry to the foyer. She said something to another member, to which I replied, “That voice sounds familiar…”

Amanda stopped and turned toward me with a dazed and confused look that said, “I am dazed and confused.” A moment of pondering and my grin gave me away. At least, I think it was my grin. It could have been the twinkle and/or sparkle in my eye or it could have even been her own memory or a combination of all the above. Fact is that the dazed and confused look left her and quickly changed to an excited/surprised look that was literally verbalized vocally by her saying “Wow, did you grow a beard?”

I could only chuckle and point out that she was observant. I admit, it’s not like you can hide a beard. Had I been thinking quicker at that particular moment of time, I may have come up with a more satirical answer like:

  • “No, I just inherited it.”
  • “No, I had to do some work on my car before coming to church.”
  • “No, I just got a hair cut and the hair fell on my face like this.”

But alas, I came up with the answer I came up with and then answered all of her questions about how and what I was doing. It later dawned on me that I was so tired, yet so shocked and/or surprised, I forgot to remember to get caught up with her. This has bothered me ever since. Perhaps, hopefully, our paths will cross again (in much less than 8 years).


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