Posted by: Scott | Thursday, July 13, 2006

Additions to “my circle”

No, I’m not talking about a cell-phone service plan (that is something I lack). I am talking about my links page (and my bloglines subscriptions).

First, I have joined a couple new forums. Well, OK, they are new to me, but they have been around for a while. The first is The one that I have really enjoyed the past few days is the forum, which is a forum for adoptees, adopters, and birth parents. It is a great place where you can sorta have a “support group” type of setting. I didn’t realize so many were thinking the same thoughts that I’ve pondered over the past several years.

Next- – -a story about another link and subscription addition. I visited Matt Johnson’s blog the other day and read that he had met up with some of his family in Cody over the 4th. I commented, then later on he gets a comment from his sister (though at the time, I was not 100% sure; changing last names does that). I see she has a blog, so I jump over and visit her new blog. She has a post about coming out to good ol’ Wyoming for the 4th also. I read through the comments and proceeded to make my final assumption that this was indeed a classmate from my/our high school years at Park Christian. Sure enough, it was! Come to find out, Ruth is one of my occasional lurkers (though she has contemplated commenting).

Hmmmm, in just under two years, it will be a full decade since high school graduation.



  1. Scott, Do you think we should have a 10 year reunion??? That would be funny! All five of us. 🙂

  2. It could take a couple years to get everything organized. With the recent WordPress “unlimited blogs rule,” perhaps we should start a Park Christian Class of ’98 Reunion blog so we can all easily keep in touch with how plans are going 😀

    BTW, welcome to “the  folks that’s commented” section of the links page!

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