Posted by: Scott | Thursday, July 13, 2006

Are the trumpets being tuned?

If you’ve watched the news today, you likely saw it break many a time to updated reports about the Mid-East vs. Israel situation. Yesterday, Israel bombed and effectively shut down the Beirut airport. Today, they put the “finishing touches” on it after Haifa was attacked. Out of the kindness of their hearts, they did “air mail” fliers telling the Lebanese citizens if they weren’t allied with Hezbollah to seek shelter and stay away from Hezbollah offices.

I got to wondering how the U.N would react. Maybe, just maybe, they would support Israel’s act of self-defense. Fortunately (in an unfortunate sort of way), the US is a UN member and today, we kept the UN sane. Now it appears the Israeli hostages may be getting shipped to Iran.

On a side note: is anyone else perplexed at Pres. Putin’s critique of the US being “unilateral,” only to “go it alone” and oppose international efforts that we, along with other nations, support?

Friends, this is not a new conflict. Abraham had two sons, one is the line that God wanted and ended up using in formation of His chosen people, another was a result of a lack of faith on Abraham and Sarah’s part. Attached to this is God’s covenant to Israel, a covenant that He has not, nor could He, break.

While war is never pretty, it is sometimes necessary. The Bible tells us that perilous times will come (and in the 1st century, they thought those times were then). I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be here when what we see on the breaking Mid-East news gets way worse than what we are currently seeing. I’m not one to set dates on the translation of the saints (commonly called the rapture); the Bible doesn’t reveal specifically when that event will occur (though my belief is that it will be before the Tribulation) but perhaps the trumpets are being tuned. At the very least, let us as Christians:

  • take comfort in knowing that God is in control of this and all world situations
  • be more sensitive to the witnessing/testifying opportunities God brings our way


  1. Good thoughts Scott, Thanks

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