Posted by: Scott | Thursday, July 13, 2006

Did you know….

If you watch FOX News frequently (I do when I am at Job #2–housekeeping), and even if you don’t, you need to know this:

…that you can apply Head On directly to your forehead. That’s right, you can apply it (Head On) directly to your forehead. And in case I typed all that too fast, you can apply Head On directly to your forehead. πŸ˜• BTW, it’s also available without a prescription at retailers nationwide. If you don’t believe me, check out the commercial. Even NPR commentators are annoyed by it (though they probably see the ad on “that other network”)

My first thought about this product was (in Hebrew) Manna (translated: What is it???) My short list included a chap stick-type substance for (of all places) one’s forehead. Then I remembered the big joke (well, one of them) about the Kerry campaign in ’04, coupled that with the no prescription bit, and figured it must a Botox-type substance (for one’s forehead).

But now the makers of Head On have released a new no-prescription product called Active On which is for joint and muscle pain relief (sadly, they don’t tell you that three times in a row in the commercial 😦 ) At that news, I calculated Head On (applied directly to one’s forehead) must be for some sort of headache relief.

I’m pleased to inform you (for those who may have not already googled this) – – -really, this could be breaking news for some- – – that Head On is for headache relief (which after seeing and/or hearing the commercial every-other commercial break over several hours, I just might develop headaches, perhaps even migraines, and have to find some Head On to apply direc- – -well, you know the rest. πŸ˜€ )


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