Posted by: Scott | Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Put on your good driving habits

If you’ve been in Cody the past couple of days, you’ve no doubt noticed the influx of police officers, highway patrolmen, sheriffs, etc… To quote an old trucking song, “The smokies were as thick as bugs on a bumper.” (can you name that tune???)

In case you’ve not heard, a certain popular motorcycle group is coming to town and over the past several months, there has been a lot of inter-agency communication and planning going on. regional Police and Sheriff’s departments have sent in reinforcements, and if I understand it right, the WY Hwy. Patrol has sent a few more troopers our way. Also, the National Guard is on stand-by, ready to go if needed.

If you have to drive around Cody, do so to the letter of the law. Buckle Up, Make Cruise Control your friend, always signal and don’t mess up in the slightest (translated: stop on yellow). We now have sooooo many law enforcement officials you can hardly go a mile without seeing one.

Drive safe this week (and every week really).  Oh and by the way, make sure your windows aren’t too tinted (yea, I got warned on that one the other day). 28% is as low as you can go.



  1. I think I’m following my dad’s Libertarian leanings — I don’t think seat belt use should be required by law. It’s my business if I want to get killed in a car wreck! It doesn’t hurt anybody else! 🙂 If you can’t tell I’m still bitter from the $120 seat belt violation I got in Amarillo — “Click it or ticket” indeed.

  2. I would probably be bitter about a $120 non-seat belt fine as well. Of course, I wore my seat belt several years ago when I got my first (and thus far, only) speeding ticket (78 in a 65) and it saved me a whopping 5 bucks!

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