Posted by: Scott | Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Quick Trip through Yellowstone

I got to play tour guide yesterday (Monday) to my aunt and uncle as we went through Yellowstone. Highlights included beautiful weather, seeing a buffalo walk down the road, three bull elk in velvet, the Yellowstone Falls, Old Faithful going off twice, eating ice cream at the Old Faithful Inn (thanks Mom!) and seeing a buffalo at the Dragon’s Mouth Mud Volcano jump the fence! Really, a 2,000 pound buffalo jumped the fence. I didn’t get a picture of this spectacular event, but perhaps my aunt or uncle did.

Lowlights included not seeing the disfunctional webcam at Old Faithful. Dramatic lights included being third-to-last through the Sylvan Pass closure a few minutes past 8 PM, an event the caused great rejoicing for a very gracious park ranger.

Sometime (no guarantee as to when), I will have some pics uploaded to my gallery.



  1. ***Trumpet fanfare!***

    I have uploaded aforementioned pics to my Flickr account. I know, it’s not where I said I would place them, but they are online! I would put them in a set, but I have used my set limit for a free account 😦 But, I have them all on a common tag. Click here to see the pictures from the beginning of the tour (start at the end and go backwards; posting on Flickr is like posting on a blog; most recent posts show up first).

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